Afternoon Barn

Barn at May School Road

“Afternoon Light in the Barn”, pastel, 11×14

This bucolic scene is located just six miles from my home. The barn in the distance with a fence line and tufts of grass caught my painter’s eye. I liked the image of the barn which seems to be from another era. Here is my initial sketch done in vine charcoal on Pastel Premier sanded board. This surface was new to me, and I would definitely paint on it again.

sketch of barn

Initial sketch in vine charcoal

It was too windy to use my umbrella which attaches to my French easel. I began the pastel painting on location, and later completed it in the studio.

Self and barn

Painting on location

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     /  March 15, 2020

    Marguerite Ware


  2. Kriens, Lori

     /  March 15, 2020

    Hi Marguerite & friends Beautiful pictures Marguerite! Thanx for sending! We are in Cabo watching Whales jump from our balcony and wish my camera could capture these special moments as I would send to you all. Have a great day! Lori Kriens

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________ From: MARGUERITE WARE Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2020 7:41:29 PM To: Gwen Abele ; Beth Koblitz ; Uma Bird ; Janice Cargo ; Cheryl Rathnam ; Christy Bray ; Connie Andrews ; Vanessa Cutler ; Tal Dahari ; ; Cheryl DeGuzman ; Stacy Gaeta ; ANA GUZMAN ; Colleen Henry ; Kriens, Lori ; Bambi Krumbach ; Deborah Lancaster ; Jose Lara ; ; Mandy Ligutom Cabagbag ; Linda Beach ; Blenda Loo ; Nancy ; Katricia Navarette ; Melissa and Brett Nelson ; Steve Puntolilo ; Ron Harris ; Elizabeth Saalwaechter ; shinji sakamoto ; Wren Taylor ; Peggy Terwiliger ; Steve Wagner ; S W ; Debbie Wardrope Subject: Fwd: Fw: Great pics

    Marguerite Ware


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