On the Coast

Sea Thrift

“Sea Thrift”, pastel, 8,5×11

I spent a week on the Oregon Coast at Depoe Bay watching the surf, eating seafood, and exploring the area with the Beach family. I began this pastel on the coast, but I finished this at home since I didn’t have many of sticks that I needed for the rocks. The motion of the surf on the cliff below was a constant source of entertainment. I also was attracted to the profusion  of Sea Thrift which was in bloom.  There were many other pastels used in this piece, but I have shown some of the assorted pastels and pastel pencils used.  To get the fine mist of the sea spray, I used a paste of pastel mixed with alcohol and applied it by flicking the bristles of the toothbrush.  The sanded paper was Wallis, 9×12 with a assortment of  pastels by Terry Ludwig, Unison , Rembrandt, Sennelier, and pastel pencils by Conte and Stabil0.

Pastels Sea Thrift

Pastels for Sea Thrift


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  1. I have painted with pastels for years and this is the first time I heard about the flicking of pastel for ocean spray, I am going to try that when I can! Wallis! my favorite paper….you must have a stash….so where do you live? lol just kidding. Wonderful painting by the way. 🙂

  2. Margaret, I saw the tip about flicking pastel and alcohol in Liz Haywood-Sullivan’s “Painting Brilliant Skies & Water in Pastel”. I put the pastel on a scrap and picked it up with the brush which was dipped in alcohol. I wish I had a stash of Wallis. Just a small pad left. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Great post and Lovely picture.


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