Cape Cod Lavender

“Lavender and Daisies”, pastel, 12×18

The Cape Cod Lavender Farm in Harwich, MA comprises 12 acres of woodland and lavender fields that border a pond. After visiting the farm last year, I began a studio painting based on impressions of the site.
Photo of Cape Cod Lavender Farm

Photo of Cape Cod Lavender Farm

The lavender farm is a place of quiet beauty and wonderful scents of lavender, but it can’t compare to the dense rows of lavender that can be found in Oregon or Provence, France. As an artist, I used my license to add more plants to create a more lush garden. It is worth a visit if you are on Cape Cod.

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  1. Beautiful interpretation. We have not been to the Lavender Farm yet. Sounds like our next visit.

  2. Your painting is so much better than the photo. Really well done.

  3. Beautiful painting and is definitely making me want to visit some lavender fields.

  4. I love your interpretation. It has such life!

  5. Great painting and it did make me want to walk in a field of flowers.


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