Silk Painting Again

My demo of Silk Painting for the Concord Art Association in Concord, CA is coming in May.  So, today I got back to painting on a silk scarf.  I use a blank habotai silk scarf that has a hand rolled hem from Jacquard.  I use the green label silk colors from Jacquard Products.  First I take a clean scarf and stretch it on wooden stretcher bars using push pins.  Then after planning out the design I outline the image with gutta resist which I apply using a plastic applicator bottle with a metal tip.

Scarf with gutta lines

Scarf with gutta lines

The scarf with the gutta drawing is set aside to dry for about 30 minutes or more.  After planning the color palette I begin painting in the outlines with a Chinese watercolor brush.  Colors of the Green Label Jacquard dye are mixed or diluted as needed. 

Dye is applied within the gutta lines

Dye is applied within the gutta lines

Jacquard Silk Dyes

Jacquard Silk Dyes

It is important to carefully paint with the lines while the stretched scarf is suspended.  It works well to do this between the backs of two chairs.  Otherwise a wet area can easily smudge.  Mix up enough color to paint the background color.  I often mark of sections of the background to design to simplify this process as shown in the image above and add color to the vines.

Completed grapevine scarf

Completed grapevine scarf

After the scarf is set aside and is completely dry, it can be put in dye set.  The ratio of dye set to water is included in the instructions on the Jacquard Dye Set bottle.  Rinse with water and a mild soap.  Hang to dry.  To remove the gutta I bring the scarf to the cleaners and then they are pressed by hand.

There are several steps in this process, but I find it to be satisfying to do and I enjoy watching the silk soak up the color of the dye.  There is something very calming to watch the process.

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  1. Your silk scarf is beautiful. You are really talented; keep on making those silk paintings. Thanks for sharing.


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