Spring again…

Daffodil Hill, pastel, 11 x 17

Livermore in Art and Words opening reception was tonight, Saturday April 14, 5 to 7.  It is an exhibit of poems, prose, and photographs, and painting by various writers and artists at Prudential California Realty, 1790 First St., Livermore, CA hosted by Cher Wollard.  I am one of the exhibiting artists in a show that runs through April 30, 2012  from 9 to 6 weekdays.  Here is a poem by Alice Kight on the same subject as my painting, Daffodil Hill .

 Welcoming Committee by Alice Kight

 Hello! Hello! Hello!

The daffodils at the edge of town

are in full bloom, exploding

 into a golden tumble

of  joyful celebration.

 The sight of that happy hillside

cheers many a weary heart,

smoothing out sharp edges of  time and circumstance. 

A hopeful crowd, they promise

spring will always come again.

They glow and dance and shout,

Welcome home!

Come in! Come in!

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