My Heart, Not My Art

So, the opening of our show “Passion for Pastels” was on Wednesday evening, March 14th at the Firehouse Arts Center.  It was good to see so many friends and artist friends out on such a rainy night.  It always seems to be a bit of a stretch for me to put my work out there and show it for all to see.  Or as Gary Holland said, “It’s not our art, but our heart that’s on display.” 

I was unsure about the quality of my work as it compared to the other pastel artists in the group.  Then I read this from John Bellamy, “If one or two works from a body of work for an exhibition are what you would like to be remembered by, it’s a good exhibition.”  So, I will take those words and feel more confident in my contributions to the group show.  It is an interesting process from the one-on-one interaction between the pastel sticks in my hand to the paper…the piece in the frame…and the painting on the wall.

Reception for "Passion for Pastels"

Looking at my art

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  1. A lovely and eloquent post! Congratulaions, Linda!


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