Love What You Paint

 It is the week of Valentine’s Day- and Love is in the air…

Which reminds me of something that Jim McVickers wrote about making art.  “Paint what you know.” It seems that when I have painted a place that I really know, it makes for a strong piece.  It has been said that the artist Pisarro once said to his son, Lucien, “If I could do life over- I would stay in one place for 25 years.” 

I was fortunate to have spent my first 25 years in Cohasset, MA.  It is a special place that I know well and love.  In fact the lighthouse off the rocky coast of Cohasset Harbor,  Minot’s Ledge Light blinks: 1-4-3 (which means “I Love You” to the romantics who see it’s beacon.)

Here is the progression of the studio painting, “Harbor Reflections, Cohasset”,  I first used tape to mask and preserve the white areas of the boats and railing.  Pastel is an opaque medium, so I first underpainted certain areas in watercolor to capture some of the glow from the reflections near the rowboats before passing over the area with pastels.  So many memories of the seacoast town that I love!



Final:"Harbor Reflections, Cohasset"

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