Painting along the trail in Colorado…

Last summer I hiked a trail called “Mayflower Gulch” outside of Breckenridge, CO .  I was prepared to paint with  limited supplies in a backpack and no easel.  After hiking up the old mining trail about a mile and  a half , I found the view that I had in mind.  The sloping meadow of wildflowers and columbine was enough inspiration  for a year full of paintings. My view of the snow- covered mountains was partially blocked by a few evergreen trees, but I chose to sit  by a tree that offered shade and  a cushion of pine needles.  I love  painting outdoors! Plein air painting is exciting and challenging.  The clouds move quickly in the mountain changing the light  and there are other issues of time, weather, and ants!

Painting in CO

My materials:

Paper: La Carte sanded pastel paper taped on to a piece of foam core board, a piece of glassene, and  then another piece of foamcore of the same size, and  secured with a large rubber band.

Pastels: About 40+  small pieces of pastels-  pencils, Rembrandts and Unisons.

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  1. Suzanne Favreau

     /  January 10, 2012

    Oh, I admire (and am envious of) your gift. Were you one of Mr. Lucas’ favorites in HS?

    • Thanks for the compliment, Suzanne! Actually I only had Mr. Lucas in jr. high since I took French and Spanish for electives. I always enjoyed things artistic early on, but it really developed at Wilson College. I had a wonderful art history professor and took several studio classes there. Who comes to mind with art and CHS- Sue Fink and Cheryl Wheelwright. Sue seems to have continued on in the field.


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